Manage Money

Learning how to spend money is hard. Our advisors will work through with you on plans for managing living space finances, which can be applied to other areas of personal finance.


Increase Credit

Mortgages are slow but sure-fire ways to increase your credit. Although it may drop it at first, sticking to the payments and staying on top will reassure loaners and be helpful for the future.


Understand the Process

The home-buying process is complicated with many hoops to jump through and inspectors for problems you've never heard of. We're here to guide you through the financial part of it and making sure you know the cost.



As a sub-division of the HUD, we are an extension of their intent to allow everyone the opportunity of affordable housing. Despite prosperous times ahead, many factors are seemingly out of the people's control, and the HOME wishes to remedy this by educating, guiding, and alleviating problems found in the process of homeownership.

We prioritize applicants of ethnic minorities or those who have low credit scores, and accepted members meet with qualified financial advisors once every week.  Alongside that program, the Student HOME exists as a means to alleviate the problem of student debt, combining any federal student loans the member has and mortgage together at a negotiable interest rate and payment plan.


  •  Receive general financial advice

  •  Come up with a plan to budget and save for a downpayment

  • Help our clients improve their credit score,

  • T

    each them how to manage their finances



  • For college students or alumni that received federal funding/financial assistance

  • B

    undles your student loans and mortgage cost at a lower interest rate



Jacob K. Javits Federal Building
(Broadway - between Duane & Worth Streets)
26 Federal Plaza, Suite 3541
New York, NY 10278-0068


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